pit [1] NOUN 1) a large hole in the ground. 2) a mine or excavation for coal, chalk, etc. 3) a hollow or indentation in a surface. 4) a sunken area in a workshop floor allowing access to a car's underside. 5) an area at the side of a track where racing cars are serviced and refuelled. 6) an orchestra pit. 7) a part of the floor of an exchange in which a particular stock or commodity is traded. 8) chiefly historical an enclosure in which animals are made to fight. 9) (the pit) literary hell. 10) (the pits) informal a very bad place or situation. 11) Brit. informal a person's bed.
VERB (pitted, pitting) 1) (pit against) set in conflict or competition with. 2) make a hollow or indentation in the surface of.
the pit of the stomach — Cf. ↑the pit of the stomach
DERIVATIVES pitted adjective.
ORIGIN Old English, from Latin puteus 'well, shaft' .
pit [2] chiefly N. Amer. NOUN the stone of a fruit.
VERB (pitted, pitting) remove the pit from (fruit).
ORIGIN apparently from Dutch; related to PITH(Cf. ↑pith).

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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